Number 4: do the “Mirror dance”

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“Confidence comes from hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.” -Robert Staubach

Before starting typing about this topic, I smirked at what I was going to write.

I wasn’t sure I was the right person that would be saying how to boost self-confidence. Because to be honest, low self-confidence has always been my weak spot.

It has been one of the things that held me back from pursuing most of my dreams for many years. I am a perfectionist by nature, and that didn’t help.

Boring job and oh so many regrets? Welcome

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Everyone in their life has a passion. Think about how you like spending your free time. Whether it is painting, working out, cooking for your family or taking photos of kittens, I’m sure you have a special way to invest your free time.

When you talk about your passion, you could never run out of something to say, you actually enjoy the time spent doing it and you would never stop improving your skills. When you make time for them, time doesn’t matter and you recharge your energies instead of getting tired.

There is no passion to be found playing…

You’d better be ready when it will happen

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When I first started to write on Medium it was during the quarantine. I thought it was cool to brush up an old interest. Moreover, as I am not a native English speaker, it would have been a great opportunity to train my writing skills in another language.

That period full of spare time was great, but with time something else popped up and suddenly I didn’t have so much time to enjoy my stay on this platform.

I was selected to attend an intensive course and I was excited about that. At first, I was sure I could keep…

Long life to Trello

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If 2020 is teaching us something, besides how to make pizza and where to store toilet paper, is the importance of smooth cooperation at work.

With the pandemic spreading and the inevitable lockdown in many countries, we suddenly had to deal with the challenge of carrying every project we were doing fully remotely, to prevent further worsening of the pandemic and to limit a decline in productivity in companies and institutions.

For that reason, it didn’t make any difference if we were attending classes at university or doing an internship or a full-time job, we all learned to work from…

Being a Social Media Manager without an Instagram profile

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When I graduated from University, I never thought I would become a social media manager.

I’ m not specifically that kind of profile not even now, but I enjoy managing social media and talking to people through the company I work for.

Everything started last year, I got a job at a press and media agency. I was still a student, struggling for the best mark at my exams and I needed that job to complete my academic credits.
I couldn’t be bothered to think about my future, I had so much to study. …

It’s all about a single question

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Have you ever had the chance to know someone with a genuine passion for judging everyone and everything? That kind of people who doesn’t think twice before throwing stones at everything, becoming easily argumentative and angered when someone doesn’t agree with them.

I’m sure you’ve met them.

We all know someone who acts that way. That’s why I decided to write about our beloved judgmental folks, trying to investigate the reasons that push them to behave the way they do.

Of course, I am not going to judge or be overcritical myself, although it’ s very difficult: if we think…

The word we all need to know comes from Japan

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A different language is a different vision of life.
-F. Fellini

I’ve always had a passion for languages, I believe they’re the only way to experience the world beyond our ordinary vision. That’s why, when I decided to enroll at University, I choose language studies without thinking too much about it.

I’ve always wanted to study Japanese; it was my first choice when we had to fill up our curriculum courses. I heard people they would never pick up such a difficult language to learn, the writing seemed so difficult and the teachers were far from being nice to our…

A single line kept going through my head: “What’s the point?”

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Graduation day is one of the most rewarding days of our life. We celebrate the end of our academic path, we are officially “on the market,” with a newly- handed diplomas and a bunch of lines filled in our resumes.

And yet, the day after the celebrations, we suddenly realize we didn’t have the chance to learn the most important thing: how to manage real life. This was the worst truth that hit me so hard when I started looking for a job, and that’s why one day, I began to sense a constant, strange feeling crawling through my body.

Greece: land of onions, belching and προκτοι

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Ancient Greek. The language you have the pleasure to meet when you decide, sadistically, to enrol in a Liceo Classico.

Liceo Classico is the social and humanistic high school in Italy, where the study of ancient languages (Latin and Greek) and their literature are still compulsory. Studying authors, reading poems in metrics, translating and misunderstanding the meaning was on the agenda.

When I casually added a negative particle to a translation and Achilles, the hero of the story, instead of helping the Trojans in a battle, sneaked away from it and died inexplicably. That’s why my translations were well-remembered by…

Sometimes, this is such an interesting and disappointing platform at the same time

I’ve been on Medium for a few months now. The first reason that pushed me to try it was the need to take a break from the excessive amount of visual content on Instagram. I wanted more articles and textual content to read every day, and Medium came along.
Of all the articles I’ve read, only a few haven’ t satisfied me, but you know, you cannot please everyone! It was only a matter of personal taste, no offence.

At least, not yet.

At first, I searched for articles under the “Mindfulness” and “Productivity” categories. I needed something to tell…

Grazia Tarantino

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